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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! You may click the "Skip" button and navigate through most areas of the platform without needing an account. We require users to have an account for our Neighborhood sections for safety reasons, and we require our users to have an account if they wish to favorite local business places around the area. We also require any user who wishes to post items for sale in our Classifieds section to first upload & verify their identity using our third-party ID check service. This helps keep our community and our users safe.

Yes! We use an independent third-party vendor named ID Analyzer to perform this task for us. ID Analyzer is the world's leading cloud-based identity verification service for security, which allows our users a better sense of security knowing that no user may post any classified listing without surpassing this identity check within our platform. Please also know that we do not store your identity anywhere within our platform. You may learn more about this third-party security service at

You certainly can, yes! Locate friends, family, and other potential connections within the "Neighborhood" section under "People". Be sure to select "All Users" and follow any other users you have common interests with. This improves your own experience with the platform along with others as well.

The app asks for your location so that we can show you all the businesses in your area. We facilitate Bluetooth beacons to send a notification to your phone once you come in range.

If you are receiving push notifications from a business that you are not interested in and want to stop getting them, all you need to do is unlike the business in your App. You unlike the business by clicking on the little red heart in the business promotion. But remember! If you unfavorite this business, you can miss out on great opportunities and discounts from this business.

Businesses listed at the top are subscribers to the community app, the ones listed at the bottom are not.

Yes- end users do have to have the app downloaded.

Great question! Our local community app platform is designed to show you all the relevant information from the actual place where you are currently located. Finding locally owned businesses near you, neighbor activity at places near you, and local events happening near you are just a few of the location based examples. However the interactive fun doesn't stop there! Local businesses may also have special time-sensitive discounts and loyalty rewards waiting for you as you pass by. Would you like to receive special digital birthday presents via your community app? Businesses setup birthday promotions that you will only receive on your birthday! To get the most out of our interactive community mobile app, be sure to 1) turn location services to "Allow Always", 2) turn on all notification permissions, and 3) keep your Bluetooth turned on at all times.

The app facilitates a BLE technology for the beacons to pick up on. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy which simply put, minimizes battery life consumed on the app.